10 Best Places For Shopping in Lisbon

Lisbon- the capital of Portuguese is the best place for tourism & hence shopping is the major part of our trips because we shop for different items which represent the local culture of that particular country. In Lisbon you can also find the local excellent products. You will find different stores selling traditional and modern handicrafts, fashion, and gadgets.

1. Soulmood


Soulmood is a great option for luxury shopping lovers. It is the best option for them who prefer classic pieces over seasonal trends. All the designs of the pieces are clean in a neutral tone. The things which are available in the store are handmade and they don’t sell it online or anywhere else.

2. Fora


Fora is 100% Portuguese designed eyewear run by local designers in a tiny showroom. They have a great range of cool styles of sunglasses. All the glasses are impressively light and 100% protected against UVA/B rays.

3. Paris Em Lisboa

Paris Em Lisboa established in 1888 is famous for its exquisite linen. It has the same old storefront and interiors. You can purchase high-quality cotton and linen sheets. There are three floors which you can explore.

4. Stivali

In Stivali you will find great brands like Jimmy Choo, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, etc. Chanel at Stivali carries a product range of ready to wear, shoes, handbags, and accessories. It is in the Avenida da Liberdade street.

5. Joalharia Do Carmo

It is a historic jewelry store next to the famous Ulisses glove boutique. Here you will get the filigree pieces in both silver and gold. They had tons of options at every price point.

6. Loja Real

It is founded by a former journalist in the center of the city. They have high-quality unique products for home décor. This store has various wooden toys for children, local soaps and perfumes, and also the crockery used in the various Portuguese homes.

7. Tivoli Forum

Tivoli forum is a multifunctional complex opened in 1999 and located in Avenida da Liberdade. This huge complex has two office buildings, a hotel, a food court, and a shopping gallery. In the day time, it is very crowded but at night it is a calm place.

8. Maison Nuno Gama

Maison Nuno Gama has the collection of designer clothes, tailored clothes, shoe stores, and barbershop. This is mostly famous for menswear. If you are looking for the designer or tailor-made then you can choose from their best Portuguese collection.

9. 39a Concept Store

39a Concept Store has a hybrid collection of Portuguese and international designers. It was founded by actress and model Raquel Pertes. You will get accessories, shoes, footwear and much more.

10. Luís Onofre

This brand is a collection of luxury footwear. Quality, Innovation, and skill are the keyword of this brand. They also export their products to various parts of the world.

Along with the shopping there are many more things to do in Lisbon. There are many sightseeing places to visit. Its surrounding areas can bring a lot of enjoyment. To get more travel information visit to my blog: http://exploretraveler.com/

Published by John Gentry

John Gentry is a lifelong adventure travel enthusiast and international manager, Philanthropist, and solder. Spent 2011-2015 developing an international team in HsinChu, Taiwan. Early on he spent the better part of the 90's working with the US Army in Germany, Iraq and Kuwait. For kicks, he studied in Alaska 2008-2010 international history for a greater understanding in his adventure travels. He has had some great experiences, and successes traveling around the world documenting his travels with his family via ExploreTraveler.com

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